Development of software (SCADA)

GX-International develops and implements specialized software that helps manage and control processes at a manufacturing facility.

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Design and engineering works

The project and design work are carried out in accordance with government standards or according to the client's preferences.

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Fabrication of panel equipment

GX-International can manufacture cabinets both based on customer projects and its own projects developed in accordance with the technical specification.

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Manufacturing possibilities

When you have a process you want automated, you need someone that understands your product, sees your vision, and comes up with a solution. Not only are GX-International engineers highly-trained and knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines, they’re creative visionaries who are experts in the latest and greatest technologies.

Since no project is the same, GX-International engineers are also continual learners—every piece of equipment we build is tailored to meet our clients’ needs and a wide range of applications. They are continuously coming up with new processes and ways of constructing a machine to be more efficient. That’s why they utilize expert analysis and engineering software to create tailored automation solutions specific to each client, tackling even the toughest design obstacles.

Our mechanical, electrical, controls, and launch engineers work together to ensure your project is a success. When you work with GX-International, you’re not just getting the attention of one person on our team—you’re benefiting from our team’s collective knowledge.

GX-International is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application!

If you are looking to drive productivity and profitability in your workplace, speak to the GX-International team about crafting a bespoke solution that will provide long term benefit to both your company and employees.


Exceptional project history and our returning customer base is proof of our commitment to excellence.

Committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry, GX-International utilise leading-edge techn​ology to deliver precise, strategic thinking across every project to turn your concept from vision to reality, providing bespoke solutions that drive productivity and profitability. Led by a strong management team, we value our staff and provide adequate structure, training and
support opportunities to ensure the delivery of exceptional services at all times. We conduct regular and ongoing training programs making sure that new staff are fully inducted and skilled for the job, and that existing employees are kept up to date with the latest industry developments.

Development of software (SCADA)

GX-International performs a full range of service maintenance activities to ensure stable operation of individual units or the entire automation and dispatching system on the enterprise. Through specialized automation software, you can organize on your enterprise: monitoring of production and technological processes, optimization of working modes of technological lines, installations, and individual units, energy savings and accounting, simplification of accounting and automation of production processes, and security of the object.

We creates and implements specialized software that helps manage processes at the enterprise. Our company develops and implements a SCADA system that allows for the control and management of production processes. The use of specialized software allows for efficient management of the enterprise to solve a wide range of tasks.

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